This Is The Worst Pain

This Is The Worst Pain

This Is The Worst Pain

A man and a woman were discussing the worst pain that anyone could possibly experience. The woman said: “Without doubt, there is nothing more painful in life than childbirth.”

“Nonsense,” said the man, “a kick in the bollocks is much more painful. Ask any guy.”

“You’re so wrong,” maintained the woman. “Childbirth is far more painful.”

The man was not about to yield to her argument and announced: “I have proof that I am right.”

“What proof?” she asked scornfully.

“Because,” he continued, “a few years after giving birth a woman will say to her partner, ‘Do you want to try for another baby?’ But I have never, ever, ever heard a man say – even years later – ‘You know what I’d really like? Another kick in the bollocks!’”


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