Lying In Bed One Night.

Lying In Bed One Night.

Lying In Bed One Night.

An Elderly Couple Is Lying In Bed One Night.

Out of nowhere the husband farts and says. “1-0.”

The wife asks him what he was doing, and the husband replies that they are having a contest to see who can fart more in bed.

The wife, not to be outdone, lets one rip and says, “1-1.”

A few minutes later the wife is able to let another one out and says, “2-1 I am in the lead.”

The husband, trying his best to tie it up, keeps failing.

He finally tries one last time and pushes so hard that he ends up shitting the bed.

The wife asks:

What in the world was that???”

The husband replies:

Halftime. Switch sides!”


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