A Cat Died & Went To Heaven

A Cat Died & Went To Heaven

A Cat Died & Went To Heaven

A cat died and went to heaven.

At the gate, he told God how he had been abused all his life on earth – people swept him with broom, he had no where to sleep, etc.

God tells him he is going to make his life very comfortable in heaven.

The next day 6 mice came to heaven. They gave God a similar story about their hard life on earth – how they had to be running all the time because cats were constantly chasing them.

God tells them he’ll make their life comfortable. They ask that he give them skates so that they wouldn’t have to do much walking or running anymore. God granted their request, fitting them with skates.

A week later God was passing by and found the cat comfortably resting. He asked the cat how things were going.

The cat says, “Oh wonderful, God, and those meals on wheels that you have been sending me are delicious!”


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