Surrounded By Bloodthirsty Savages

Surrounded By Bloodthirsty Savages

Surrounded By Bloodthirsty Savages

A Man Is Flying A Plane Over The Amazon, When He Suddenly Crashes.

He’s staggering through the jungle when he suddenly realizes he’s surrounded by bloodthirsty savages.

And he thinks:

“Man, I am totally screwed.”

“No”, a voice booms out from the heavens:

“You’re not screwed.”

The voice continues:

“Listen to me very carefully.

Grab the spear from the savage next to you, run up to the chief and stab him in the chest.”

So the man, with nothing to lose, grabs the spear from the savage next to him, runs up to the chief and stabs him in the chest.

The man, as he’s standing over the chief who’s now dying in a pool of blood, looks up at the heavens and ask:

“Now what, Lord?”

And the voice booms back:

“OK. Now you’re screwed.”


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